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Suboxone Certified
Addiction Network


We are SuboxCAN, Arizona's leading Suboxone clinic for the safe, comfortable and effective treatment of prescription pain medication and other opioid addiction. Our Board Certified Addiction Specialists:

          Value Your Privacy

          Respect Your Integrity​​​

          Support Your Recovery

Change is beautiful

About Our Program

If you or a loved one has struggled with addiction to Oxycontin, Heroin, Fentanyl, or other narcotic pain medications, there is hope and effective treatment. Our program offers confidential, expert treatment for those dependent on opioids. We can help you.

About Our Staff

Matthew S. Keene, MD received Board Certified in Addiction Psychiatry in 1998. From managing patients at a 100+ bed chemical dependency hospital, to serving as Director of Luke AFB's Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment Program, as well as directing the Neuroscience Department at a Fortune 50 Health Care Company, Dr. Keene can help you overcome addiction.

About Suboxone

​SUBOXONE (buprenorphine and naloxone) is the first opioid medication approved for the treatment of narcotic dependence in an office-based setting. SUBOXONE can be dispensed for take-home use, just like any other medicine for other physical conditions. Others versions such as Subutes, Zubsolv, and generic Suboxone films/tablets are now available.


"I'm living and loving life again." B.N.

"I have no cravings or withdrawal." T.A.

"I feel better than I have in years." J.S.

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