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About Suboxone


With the introduction of Suboxone, there is no longer any reason for narcotic-dependent clients to suffer through opiate withdrawals, stand in daily lines at a methadone clinic, or wake up craving their next "fix." Other versions such as Subutex Zubsolv and generic Suboxone film/tablet offer a variety of options with unique advantages.

Detoxification using these medications is a simple, comfortable process that takes only a few hours and can be done in the privacy of your own home through the guidance of the certified Addiction Specialists at SuboxCAN.

Once a client completes the detox process, they can be totally free from narcotic cravings/withdrawals, and ready for a fresh start. You will only need to see your doctor when a refill is due...typically once every four weeks

You can get your life back. When used as instructed, these medications have unprecedented success in breaking the cycle of opioid dependence. Are you or a loved one ready to break the cycle?​​​







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