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Suboxone, Bunavail and Zubsolv curb the biological aspects of opiate-dependence, such as cravings and withdrawal; but psychological and behavioral triggers can be even stronger barriers to recovery. You can’t rely on just medication to restore life’s harmony. You have to meet the medication half-way. Perhaps the most important first step towards sobriety is surrounding yourself with a healthy support system that can help lift you up when you are feeling down.


Peer Support


Family and friends can be your biggest cheerleaders in recovery. But often they are also part of the problem…and even more often, they simply can’t relate to the struggles you face in maintaining abstinence from narcotics. Active Peer Support with folks who have “walked a mile in your shoes” is one of the most effective, cost-free ways to sustain sobriety. Peer-lead community support groups meet frequently throughout the metro-Phoenix area and follow either the traditional 12-step or a self-empowering approach. Click below for more information about these marvelous groups.

Narcotics Anonymous-Find a 12-step Recovery Group near you.​​​

Smart Recovery®-Science-based, self-directed group support.

Pills Anonymous-Find a 12-step Recovery Group near you.​​​

Virtual Meetings - Find an online Recovery Group


Professional Support


Sometimes family, friends, and support groups just aren’t enough to keep you on a healthy path. There are times when depression, past trauma, or even the severity of your addiction requires the help and guidance of additional mental health professionals. Fortunately, Phoenix has several well-known inpatient, outpatient, and residential treatment programs. Below are several excellent options.

Calvary Center               Aurora Behavioral               New Horizons

Community Bridges       Valley Hospital                    Women in New Recovery

The Villas                       Step One Halfway House    Maverick House

The Crossroads               Recovery Innovations         Valley Hope

The Meadows                 St. Luke's Behavioral           Terros     






Financial Support


Treatment is expensive. At times, the monetary cost of living drug-free is a worry of its own. Most insurances cover these medication for little to no cost. However, for those who do not have adequate health insurance coverage, the program Good RX provides discount coupons and helps you find the closest pharmacy with the very best medication price.   Click on yellow Good RX picture to the left to find your discounts.




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