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Our Program

​The SuboxCAN program consists of monthly appointments to our clinic.  At these appointments, our physicians assess your recovery, listen to your concerns, and discuss the importance of lifestyle changes and relapse prevention strategies. Patients receive a monthly urine tox screen to monitor sobriety. In addition, our physicians prescribe Suboxone, Subutex, or Zubsolv to help patients with the withdrawal and cravings they experience after coming off opioids.  

Duration of treatment is different for every patient. Typically it is a 9-12 month period of time but may be shorter or longer depending on the prior length of opioid use and other factors.


The first step to join our program is to speak with our Executive Director, Dr. Matthew Keene on the phone.  During this thorough initial discussion, he will help determine if our program will help you achieve your recovery goals.  If so, the fees are as follows:

Your first visit with Dr. Keene is $300. This includes:

- Complete initial assessment

- Induction

- All follow-up visits for the first 28 days

- Urine Drug Screen (as required)

- Access to experts in opioid dependence and Arizona's only dedicated Suboxone Clinic

- Staff committed to your privacy and respect​

Monthly physician follow-up is $200 and includes any additional follow-up you may require during difficult times.

The cost of medication is not included in your visit and varies among pharmacies but is often covered by insurance. Office visits are not covered by insurance and the office only accepts cash or credit card. Payment in full is required at the time of service.

Our office hours are designed to meet the needs of our clients' busy lives, with convenient evening and weekend appointments. Our location, signage, and staff are all designed to ensure your privacy is respected.

Prior to your first visit with Dr. Keene, we will need you to fill out a few patient forms. For your convenience, you may download the forms and complete them ahead of time.




Arizona's Dedicated​

Suboxone Clinic

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